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El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

July 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We stopped at the El Rodeo in Wichita and sat by a window that provided light enough to photograph our food.

For these photos, I used an iPhone 5 then repainted them with Topaz Lab's Impression and Corel's Painter, among other software. 

The pictures were fun and the food tasty.

Table Appetizer

Chips and Salsa_160701_123915_13-HIXSYQChips and Salsa_160701_123915_13-HIXSYQWichita - Kansas


Flour Tortilla

Carnitas y Pico_160701_125743_21-PHIXSYQCarnitas y Pico_160701_125743_21-PHIXSYQWichita - Kansas


Spiced meat

Carnitas and Tortillia_160701_125640_11-PHIXSYQCarnitas and Tortillia_160701_125640_11-PHIXSYQWichita - Kansas