About this website, donvine.com

Since retirement, I snap a lot of pictures and spend much of my time processing the images. 



To organize things, I've selected a general outline illustrated by my Pinterest board headings, on the left.

  • Creature photography features animals that are mammals, birds that are not, and others like bugs, butterflies and snakes.

  • Food and Flowers are ubiquitous, often compliment each other, and generally lend themselves to esthetically pleasing photographic representation.

  • Travel Photography includes Rural landscapes, Urban city scenes and architectural details.

  • Things Photography consist of Odds and Ends that do not fit as well in the proceeding categories.



  • I often shoot exposure-bracketed sets of images that I process with HDR Pro 2. 

  • Initial processing is performed in Lightroom. 

  • Subsequent processing involves Photoshop and software by Topaz Labs, Google/Nic, Alien Skin, Akvis, Digital Film Tools, and On1


​My Style

I began with a crisp photorealistic approach. Over time, I've adopted a much more graphic, then painterly or even sketch-like approach.