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Sliced green onions are not chives. Green onions (aka scallions) like those above are sliced and diced and used in recipes. Chives are smaller, have small, purple and edible flowers, and are generally a bit more flavorful.

Wichita - Kansas

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Just Add Pepper_170310_20-HXSEYQ Just Add Pepper_170310_20-HXSEYQJust Add Pepper_170310_20-HXSEYQWichita - Kansas

Getting close to familiar items sometimes makes them less recognizable.

Wichita - Kansas

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Scalina Spagna_021214_06_4354-HXSEYA Scalina Spagna_021214_06_4354-HXSEYAScalina Spagna_021214_06_4354-HXSEYARome - Italy

The Spanish Steps were built in Rome by the French in 1723 and over time became a gathering place for citizens and tourists of all classes and backgrounds.

Rome - Italy

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Calamari with Dipping Sauce_170316_1036_01-XSEYQ Calamari with Dipping Sauce_170316_1036_01-XSEYQCalamari with Dipping Sauce_170316_1036_01-XSEYQWichita - Kansas

With ocean warming and the loss of traditional fish, squid which is happer with warmer waters may move from the appetizer tray into the main course.

Wichita - Kansas

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Galaxy of Petals_170310_1149-HXSEYQ Galaxy of Petals_170310_1149-HXSEYQGalaxy of Petals_170310_1149-HXSEYQWichita - Kansas

I saw this at a grocery store but have no idea what kind of flower it is. Captured with a iPhone, processing included Topaz Labs Impression.


Wichita - Kansas

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Grocer's Bouquet_170315-XSEYQ Grocer's Bouquet_170315-XSEYQGrocer's Bouquet_170315-XSEYQWichita - Kansas

A trip to the market can include flowers as well as food. If you have an iPhone in your packet, you don’t even need to put the flowers into water when you get home. Just share them in messages or print and stick them on the fridge.

Wichita - Kansas

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Serving Oats_170119_130301_02-HXSEYQ Serving Oats_170119_130301_02-HXSEYQServing Oats_170119_130301_02-HXSEYQWichita - Kansas


Oat based cereals are eaten by some to avoid the gluten that is present in wheat, barley and rye. For those who do not have conditions such as celiac disease that require avoiding gluten, recent evidence suggest that significant avoidance may increase the risk of diabetes.

Wichita - Kansas

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Black Rhino_151011_123543_67-HXSEQ Black Rhino_151011_123543_67-HXSEQBlack Rhino_151011_123543_67-HXSEQGoddard - Kansas

South Africa may legalize limited rhino horn trade. With the price of rhino horn powder exceeding $50,000/kg, allowing commercial trade is suggested to reduce the profits of poaching.

Goddard - Kansas

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Lavender Orchid_170301_124826_06-HXSEYQ Lavender Orchid_170301_124826_06-HXSEYQLavender Orchid_170301_124826_06-HXSEYQWichita - Kansas

Grocery shopping now includes botanical treats. If you have a smartphone, you are less likely to be told not to take pictures inside the market.

Wichita - Kansas

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Wild Lowry Turkey_120419_1325_334-XSQ Wild Lowry Turkey_120419_1325_334-XSQWild Lowry Turkey_120419_1325_334-XSQTampa - Florida

Wild turkeys were nearly wiped out by the mid to late 1930s when a combination of restoration efforts and a tax on hunting guns and ammunition gradually led to their recovery.

Tampa - Florida

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One Polar Bear_120311_1640_180HXSEYQ One Polar Bear_120311_1640_180HXSEYQOne Polar Bear_120311_1640_180HXSEYQAlbuequerque - New Mexico

n the wild, polar bear DNA obtained from a bloody footprint was used to learn the bear had killed a seal and a sea gull had participated in the feasting.

Albuequerque - New Mexico

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Florence Cathedral_021206_055603-XSEYQ Florence Cathedral_021206_055603-XSEYQFlorence Cathedral_021206_055603-XSEYQFlorence - Italy

The Cathedral in Florence Italy has withstood a number of earthquakes and concern remains about possible loss of this cultural artifact.

Florence - Italy

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Rhino Wrinkles_160710_110101_370-PHXSYQ Rhino Wrinkles_160710_110101_370-PHXSYQRhino Wrinkles_160710_110101_370-PHXSYQSedgwick County - Kansas

Poaching for rhino horn, exceeding one thousand a year, is now occurring in zoos, as well as in the wild. The price for a single horn hovers around one million dollars. The are poached for non-proven medical use as well as for trophies.

Sedgwick County - Kansas

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Bradford Blossoms_170309_163733_24-XSEYQ Bradford Blossoms_170309_163733_24-XSEYQBradford Blossoms_170309_163733_24-XSEYQWichita - Kansas

Bradford Pear trees are blossoming all over Wichita. Bradfords are decorative so there is nothing to eat, but they are like giant balls of white throughout town.

Wichita - Kansas

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Several Grapes and a Grape Tomato_170309_2-XSEYQ

An iPhone and the Camera+ App let you get impressive food macros from the camera you have in your pocket.

Wichita - Kansas

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Pale Sunflower_050616_161700-HXSYQ Pale Sunflower_050616_161700-HXSYQPale Sunflower_050616_161700-HXSYQSedgwick County - Kansas

The official Kansas state flower comes in many varieties

Sedgwick County - Kansas

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Grizzly Bear_050917_000314-XSYQ Grizzly Bear_050917_000314-XSYQGrizzly Bear_050917_000314-XSYQOmaha - Nebraska

The grizzly may be saving the polar bear. Bears with a mixture of grizzly and polar DNA are believed to result from the loss of polar ice and habitat.

Omaha - Nebraska

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Chicken Salad with Ranch_161202_202753_474-XSEYQ Chicken Salad with Ranch_161202_202753_474-XSEYQChicken Salad with Ranch_161202_202753_474-XSEYQNew Orleans - Louisiana

While dining in New Orleans we enjoyed some nice chicken salad.

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A Few Good Veggies_170227_121533_06-XSEYQ A Few Good Veggies_170227_121533_06-XSEYQA Few Good Veggies_170227_121533_06-XSEYQWichita - Kansas

Food macros with an iPhone
You can get close enough to what's on your plate to explore unexpected views.

Wichita - Kansas

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Dodge City Feedlot_090315_069-XSYV Dodge City Feedlot_090315_069-XSYVDodge City Feedlot_090315_069-XSYVFord County - Kansas

Not far north of Dodge, you can smell this feedlot before you see it.

Ford County - Kansas

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