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Tigers appear to be doing a bit better. The Indian population, for instance is reported to be up by about six percent.

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Roasted Cabbage Onions and Carrots_161208_185537_09-HXSYQ Roasted Cabbage Onions and Carrots_161208_185537_09-HXSYQRoasted Cabbage Onions and Carrots_161208_185537_09-HXSYQWichita - Kansas

Besides being photographically colorful, with a little olive oil and garlic almost any selection of veggies can be roasted into a culinary treat.

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Four Daisies_1717121-XSEYV Four Daisies_1717121-XSEYVFour Daisies_1717121-XSEYVWichita - Kansas

An abstraction of daisies.

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Elephant feet_050820_000113-XSYQ Elephant feet_050820_000113-XSYQElephant feet_050820_000113-XSYQSedgwick County • Kansas

Adult elephants feet may be a yard and a half in circumference. They walk on their toes and African elephants have four nails on their front and three on their back feet.

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Mexican Omelette Sausage and Twice Baked_170209_184527_14-HXSEYA Mexican Omelette Sausage and Twice Baked_170209_184527_14-HXSEYAMexican Omelette Sausage and Twice Baked_170209_184527_14-HXSEYAWichita - Kansas

Had a potato to use and wondered how a twice-baked potato would go with a Mexican omelette and sausage.

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Fresh Tuna Salad Avocado and Veggies_170210_200924_13-HJXSEYQ Fresh Tuna Salad Avocado and Veggies_170210_200924_13-HJXSEYQFresh Tuna Salad Avocado and Veggies_170210_200924_13-HJXSEYQWichita - Kansas

Fresh tuna salad on avocado with roasted veggies.

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Browsing the Menu_050727_000133-HXSYV Browsing the Menu_050727_000133-HXSYVBrowsing the Menu_050727_000133-HXSYVSedgwick County - Kansas

The Sedgwick County Zoo us a rich treat for family outings.

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Tiger Swallowtail on Dianthus_050502_165932-HXSYQ Tiger Swallowtail on Dianthus_050502_165932-HXSYQTiger Swallowtail on Dianthus_050502_165932-HXSYQWichita - Kansas

Butterflies are endangered, so enjoy them when you get close.

Wichita - Kansas

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Torre pendente di Pisa_021208_092123-HXSYV Torre pendente di Pisa_021208_092123-HXSYVTorre pendente di Pisa_021208_092123-HXSYVPisa - Italy

One of these days this may fall over, but for now it remains architecturally interesting.

Pisa - Italy

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Christmas Carosello_021206_125052-XSYQ Christmas Carosello_021206_125052-XSYQChristmas Carosello_021206_125052-XSYQFlorence Italy

Holiday street-side color and music

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Ready for Second Bake_170209_173900_06-HXSEYQ Ready for Second Bake_170209_173900_06-HXSEYQReady for Second Bake_170209_173900_06-HXSEYQWichita - Kansas

So after the first bake, you mix the guts of the potato with sour cream and butter, refill the shell, then add some cheese, and bake again.

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Wood Stork Not Storking_160427_115847_65-HXSYQ Wood Stork Not Storking_160427_115847_65-HXSYQWood Stork Not Storking_160427_115847_65-HXSYQGatorland - Orlando

Gatorland in Orlando has a whole bunch of birds, too.

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Daisybush Blossom_160222_095754_38-HXSYA Daisybush Blossom_160222_095754_38-HXSYADaisybush Blossom_160222_095754_38-HXSYAWichita - Kansas

Osteospermum, also called Cape Daisy. This one found growing in Wichita, Kansas


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Colander of Grapes_170127_182151_01-HXSYQ Colander of Grapes_170127_182151_01-HXSYQColander of Grapes_170127_182151_01-HXSYQWichita - Kansas

Common red grapes are great for salads and snacking and less often are roasted to go with meats and vegetables.

Wichita - Kansas

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Entranced_160101_111539_66-XSYA Entranced_160101_111539_66-XSYAEntranced_160101_111539_66-XSYAWichita - Kansas

Pretty powerful stuff... that TV

Wichita - Kansas


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Roasted Salmon Grapes and Fennel_170128_192908_13-HXSYA Roasted Salmon Grapes and Fennel_170128_192908_13-HXSYARoasted Salmon Grapes and Fennel_170128_192908_13-HXSYAWichita - Kansas

Dump a mixture of fennel, onion, and grapes into a baking pan then roast in your toaster oven. Add the salmon and roast some more.

Wichita - Kansas

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Creamy Italian Dressing_170128_090353_43-HXSYV Creamy Italian Dressing_170128_090353_43-HXSYVCreamy Italian Dressing_170128_090353_43-HXSYVWichita - Kansas

Basic Mayonnaise plus some sour cream and Italian herbs.

The mayonnaise consists of powdered egg and mustard, lemon juice and olive oil. Trick is to use immersion blender and a container about the diameter of the blender.

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Venison Sausage with Balsamic Grapes_170127_195605_08-HXSYQ Venison Sausage with Balsamic Grapes_170127_195605_08-HXSYQVenison Sausage with Balsamic Grapes_170127_195605_08-HXSYQWichita - Kansas

Adapted from recipe for sweet Italian sausages, easy to prpare and quite tqasty. 

Wichita - Kansas

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Twice Baked Sweet Potato with Dover Sole_170120_193922_38-HXSYQ Twice Baked Sweet Potato with Dover Sole_170120_193922_38-HXSYQTwice Baked Sweet Potato with Dover Sole_170120_193922_38-HXSYQWichita - Kansas

I'm no big fan of sweet potatoes, but twice baked and the refill mixed with sautéed onions and sour cream, much better.

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Extreem Egret Sports Riding the back of an alligator seems hazardous. But for this bird, the practice appears reasonably safe. 

160427_121417_347-HXSYQ_Gatorboarding160427_121417_347-HXSYQ_GatorboardingGatorland - Orlando

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