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Sedgwick County Tiger_161027_130635_01-XSBYQ

February 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sedgwick County Tiger_161027_130635_01-XSBYQSedgwick County Tiger_161027_130635_01-XSBYQWichita - Kansas

Tigers appear to be doing a bit better. The Indian population, for instance is reported to be up by about six percent.

Roasted Cabbage Onions and Carrots_161208_185537_09-HXSYQ

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Roasted Cabbage Onions and Carrots_161208_185537_09-HXSYQRoasted Cabbage Onions and Carrots_161208_185537_09-HXSYQWichita - Kansas

Besides being photographically colorful, with a little olive oil and garlic almost any selection of veggies can be roasted into a culinary treat.

Four Daisies_1717121-XSEYV

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Four Daisies_1717121-XSEYVFour Daisies_1717121-XSEYVWichita - Kansas

An abstraction of daisies.

Elephant feet_050820_000113-XSYQ

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Elephant feet_050820_000113-XSYQElephant feet_050820_000113-XSYQSedgwick County • Kansas

Adult elephants feet may be a yard and a half in circumference. They walk on their toes and African elephants have four nails on their front and three on their back feet.

Mexican Omelette Sausage and Twice Baked_170209_184527_14-HXSEYA

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Mexican Omelette Sausage and Twice Baked_170209_184527_14-HXSEYAMexican Omelette Sausage and Twice Baked_170209_184527_14-HXSEYAWichita - Kansas

Had a potato to use and wondered how a twice-baked potato would go with a Mexican omelette and sausage.